Where to Find My Music Going Forward

Changes are coming to what platforms will stream new music.

I’ve decided to change music platforms a little going forward. Due to a growing body of work, SoundCloud has become a bad option. I’m not going to pay them the high fees they want for Pro Unlimited when the return on the investment is essentially nothing unless I fake a fan base like everyone else on the platform apparently does.

Where’s the music gone?

You’ll always be able to find my music here.

This website will become the flagship for most operations. I’m working on some e-commerce solutions that will allow you to stream music right here.


Since the beginning, I have always loved Bandcamp. It has always acted as our web store and will continue to do so. Bandcamp is in it for the artist and has long been a friend to independent artists.

Major Streaming Services

Currently it costs me very little to remain on Spotify so that service will remain as well. As will Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Apple Music and many, many more.

Project Update 05/11/2022

Progress Continues

Major progress has been happening this week with the release of “Revelation” and “Here for the Art of it.” Revelation is still currently in its demo stage as it’s being worked on now by James Wright who will be contributing percussion for the album version in the coming days.

In Progress

“Chemicals” and “Four” are getting their vocals re-recorded one last time this week with expected final release over the weekend. “Sleeping in the Fallout” is getting a new guitar line and a vocal polish as well.

Next Steps

I’m expecting that memorial day weekend should see the current tracks on Spotify removed and the release of the final album. SoundCloud will remain in place while another project begins.

Stay tuned for what’s to come.

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