About 5 OF SIX, an Independent Artist from Oklahoma City

5 OF SIX (5/6) is an independent musician and recording artist based out of Oklahoma City, OK. I didn’t come from a particularly musical family. Grew up in a small town and the only exposure I really had to music was at school. I was one of the lucky ones who went to a school that still had an arts program. I learned to play the saxophone in the school band and soon, began branching out from there.

Falling Away From The Melody

I stopped playing when I hit adulthood. My Friends moved away and we all grew up into productive workers that didn’t have time for fun. I still have a very active internal dialog, it even has its own sound track, constantly writing. In that way music remained a large part of my life.

During a random trip to a music store, I saw a blue, Ibanez acoustic guitar hanging on the display wall and I felt a need to hear it play. I took it down from the wall and strummed a few chords. I took it home as an impulse buy. My skills badly out of practice and I lacked even a mention of finesse. It was 2020 though and everyone had extra time on their hands, and I decided to use some of mine to learn to play again.

Falling Back Into the Swing of Things

My guitar collection began to grow and I even started making some custom designs of my own. Shopping on Amazon, I happened across DIY guitar kits and decided to purchase one. I assembled the guitar and set it up myself as a fun project to occupy time. The relationship with the instrument only served to reignite my love for music and inspire me to write and play again.

Becoming 5 OF SIX

Over the course of the next two years, I began writing songs and building a recording setup. The journey is unending and brings me a lot of joy. Soon, I’ll be releasing my first album, I’ve come a long way.

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