Another Small Town

I grew up in small town, the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. My family wasn't particularly musical, mostly trade work and medical field. The only exposure I really got to music at young age was from the radio. My school had somewhat of a music program, but nothing really immersive and out of my class, I think I may have been the only one interested in learning anything more about it. We learned the basics of music, tempo, melody, rhythm, scales and I began to think maybe I would enjoy playing an actual instrument. Fast forward a few years, we now have an actual band program and some new students have transferred in that also have an interest in music and they play cool things like drums and guitars. We all become became fast friends and out that, of course, was born a rock band. That was not good... Not terrible, definitely not good.

Growing out of the Rhythm

As most people do when they grow up, they graduate and feel like they're going to conquer the world. Then the world has other plans, and bills start arriving with your name on them, and conquering the world becomes going to a full time job everyday. I didn't really have time for music, at least not as much as I would like. I stopped playing for a long time, grew up, got married and moved into an apartment which is not a good environment for loud amplifiers... so I sold them. Twelve years of silence ensued. It was a good silence, a mature silence that let me grow up and become me, by my rules, and expectations. I developed a successful career. A career that eventually led me to a single family dwelling where I could be a little louder and a little more fun.

Finding a new Sound

I stopped into my local guitar center, not really intending to buy anything, more just wanting the nostalgic feeling of being in a music store. I was thinking that an acoustic guitar might be nice. We still lived in an apartment at this point. Maybe an acoustic would be playable without bothering neighbors .I found a blue Ibanez acoustic on the display wall and just had a need to hear it play. I tuned it and strummed it for a bit before falling in love with it and taking it home as an impulse buy. I didn't play it super often but at least I was playing again.

Finding a new Place

Fast forward another two years... My wife and I have outgrown our apartment and begin to look for something slightly larger, maybe in a less busy area. We find a place on the edge of town, nicely build, thick walls, great acoustics and best of all... No one to bother. We moved in just as 2019 was ending and the coronavirus was just starting to become a mild concern.

The End of the World

The Coronavirus took the world by storm in a way that no one really expected and changed the fundamental building blocks of modern society. To anyone caught up in modern society, it was clear that to them, the world had truly ended.

This was the idea that gave water to a tiny seed, that would grow into an album called "No Time Like the End Times."

Like tons of other musicians, I used some of my newfound down time to practice and to play. I ordered new gear and I began recording what I felt. Writing about it helped cope with the changes happening around me.

I remember in the early days of the shortages of toilet paper and soap, sitting at an ATM after touching the keypad and burning my finger tips with my lighter because there was no sanitizer to be found anywhere and I didn't want to bring the virus home with me.

There were a lot of terrible outcomes from the virus, but there were good things too.

A New Way of Living

There was a restoration of family dinner. There was a closeness that I didn't know I missed. There was an artfulness in the breakdown of what society had become. People that never touched a pencil before, began to draw... People that never played a note in their life began to strum chords. The rise of art to replace the bar or movie theater was really inspiring to me.

I would frequently watch the video that came out of Italy where people stuck in their homes went out on to balconies with instruments and played music together into the open air, while some couples danced.

All of these beautiful, human moments happening in the middle of all the bad was the inspiration that drove the music on No Time Like the End Times and who I am, I think, as an artist.



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