Here for the Art of It | Behind the Track

Album: No Time Like the End Times

What is it about?

This song is about the dilution of musical quality and fan bases by the influencer environment in place today.

I myself, as a fan of many types of music, have trouble finding really great artists in those segments because promoter/influencer types have inflated certain artists to the top artificially.

When I started recording this album, a promoter put one of my posts into her “Promotion Stream” for free to show me what it could do. The next morning the post had 3000 likes and views. It looks amazing until you realize that all of that activity originated from only 12 accounts and that none of those 12 people give a crap about your music.

This song is in celebration of true fans. The ones that listen for the art and the music itself.

Lyrics: Here for the Art of it

Me and my talents have midnight romances
We always come back around
But the world wants to taint it
Decay and degrade it
Everyone wants their pound of flesh

But I'm here for the music
But I'm here for the art of it

Use your dollar bills to keep yourself
warm when you're starving
I don't need them anyway
I don't your affirmation
Don't need your validation
At all

Oh, I'm here for the music
Oh, I'm here for the art of it

I had a promoter reach out to me on Instagram
with a price quote for views and followers
It quickly occurred to me that she couldn't offer
me a price quote for true fans of my art.
See, the last time I did this, musicians supported
each other, we helped each other,
and I kind of miss that.

It's not about the money or the influence or
any of that other stuff. If your hear something
in one of my songs that connects with you, especially
when you need it and it makes you feel less alone...
That's the best that I could ask for... Anyway

Oh I'm here for the music
Oh I'm here for the art of it
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