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Album: No Time Like the End Times

What is it about?

“No Time Like the End Times” is about living through the changes forced by the pandemic and how they fundamentally altered our collective world view.

Like many people, life changed in some bizarre ways for me after the pandemic began.

I was amazed at how quickly the world turned upside down. The empty store shelves, the feeling of uncertainty, the political tension, the violence and the constant conspiracy theories left me uninterested in anything except what I was up to in the moment.

Lyrics: No Time Like the End Times

There’s no time like the end times don’t you know. I’ve got a fresh pack and my tin foil hat let’s go.

Diving in to the deep end on the news. It’s a brand new day what freedom we gonna lose?

I got toilet paper piled up like fat stacks. I never knew this shack would be worth all that well. There’s no time like the end times that’s the truth.

Don’t breathe cause the air is bad for you. The diesel smoke will have you cyanotic blue.

You can charge your car at the quick mart if you’re cool, but don’t expect me to ride anywhere with you.

Politicians never get tired of making rules, but there’s never been one that ever did a damn thing for you.

There’s no time like the end times.
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