A New Platform

While updates are still in progress – Today is the official launch of the new platform. All of the musical content and discography has been published and is ready to go. The production blog is now active and our store is coming later this month which will be powered by woocommerce.

The new platform is much more lightweight and faster than the previous platform with the possible exception of the production blog as it is still powered by WordPress which does get a little laggy at times.

New Features: New Opportunity

The new platform features several new areas that I am expanding into. Let’s dive in to what the future looks like.

Production Services

Eventually, I will offer a full suite of production services, but first, I’m starting small. I record a LOT of music. I’m constantly recording snippets that don’t end up as part of a song and those snippets have been piling up for a year now. In order to be digitally green, if you will, I’m going to recycle them. Once the store is online and ready for business, those snippets will be worked into full production packs for other media projects and available for purchase as part of your project. Over the past year, I’ve seen for myself how much people want to charge for backing tracks and things like that and I personally think it’s all a bit ridiculous. The production packs available here will be reasonably affordable for a start-up project that doesn’t know where they will go, how big they will get or what their budget looks like.


Think the production pack idea is great, but you actually want to use something specific from my discography? Awesome. Licensing is coming straight to the website and once again, my focus with that is ease and affordability. I’m not looking to get rich off of my music, I do it mostly for fun. I do have expenses that I have to pay so I can’t do it entirely for free, but I’m not going to buy a car or anything with licensing for your YouTube videos.

More to Come!

As I said in an earlier paragraph, I do intend to expand services to include production services in the mixing mastering departments. That will occur later as there will be more infrastructure involved in that process. Again, I seek to be reasonable on pricing. Stay tuned to see what I’ve got in store for the future.