Privacy Policy

General Agreement

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, continued use of this site constitutes agreement with the Terms and Conditions as well as all other policies. Continued use of this site constitutes agreement with the privacy policy.

Types of Data Collected

Generally, this site does not collect personal data, but there are some exceptions. Signing up for news letters, contests and purchases from the online store will result in personal data collection to some degree. Payment card information is processed securely by a third party financial service, Stripe Financial Services and their terms and conditions also apply.

Types of Data that May Be Collected

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Billing and Shipping Address

Third Party Access

The only third party involved in any transaction with this site is Google, who provides anonymized analytics, anti-spam captcha services and Stripe Financial Services who provides payment card services for the store. We do not sell or share any information with any third party and we have no partner sites.

How Data is Processed

Data collected during a transaction is transmitted over a secure connection using industry standard 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and stored in a secured database which also uses SSL protection when it transmits data.

How Data is Stored

Data is stored in a secure database protected by strong password syntax, SSL encrypting during communication and the use of secure scripting platforms. Security updates are managed by the hosting company and the site is running with the most secure and reliable versions of all software.

GDPR Compliance

The store section does set cookies on the browser, the main site does not utilize cookies at this time, nor does it store personal information. If you are an EU visitor you may encounter GDPR announcements when you visit the online store. There is a portal to remove your personal information built into the store systems. If you have signed up for a newsletter on the site and now wish to remove your email address. Click the unsubscribe button in any of the emails you have been sent. This will not only unsubscribe you from the newsletter but also remove your email address permanently from the server.


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