A Perfect Storm EP | About the Project

Release Date: 12/10/2022

Track Listing:


“A Perfect Storm,” is really just a release that contains a bunch of pre-release material. These were trial versions where I was playing around trying to find my sound. I chose to release it because its part of who I am as an artist. I’m a believer that a fan should be able to watch, or in my case, listen to an artist grow.

A Perfect Storm EP

As an artist, I believe fan connection is very important. I think that connection starts at the beginning, with the demo content. It makes it clear that by the time you hear the album version of a song that there was growth. It allows a fan to hear the thought process and improvement that is made between one version to the next and it takes away the idea that an artist has just always been great. Once upon a time all artist were learning and looked very similar to a school student playing a B note over and over again on the saxophone that they are finding very intimidating. Conquering that B note is where all music begins.

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